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Montana Hunting  LLC …
provides the connection needed to the finest hunting Outfitters.  We are a respected outfitter offering hunts from private land,  public land , horseback,  spot and stalk, the best elk hunting in Montana. We will also assist in the process to obtaining your hunting license.

Bow hunting and rifle hunting in Montana is an opportunity to experience some of the wildest areas left in North America.

Our Public land hunts offer endless wilderness and true backcountry hunting.  These areas are still road less, no permanent structures, non-motorized.  Accessed with horses and mules.  Sleeping in canvas wall tents with wood burning stoves.  You will be surprised at the comforts provided in these camps

Our Private Land hunts are managed for the opportunity to harvest Elk, Deer and Antelope.

High success with Rifle and Archery hunting   Accommodations can range from Ranch house, cabins,  or wall tents.  Spot and stalk, stands, calling and interception are all the right ingredients.
All of our hunts are fair chase and include resident herds and migrating elk from Yellowstone National Park. We do not provide any high fence guaranteed hunts. W e by all game laws set by the Wildlife and Parks.

All of our hunts also are chosen based on hunting Mature animals and being mindful about maintaining adequate populations with little to no hunting pressure.

Big game such as elk, moose, Mule deer, Whitetail deer mountain goats, bighorn sheep, grizzlies, black bears, wolves, pine martins and wolverines are some of the animals you may encounter

Montana Hunting Outfitter License #11224

We are Licensed Montana Hunting Outfitters by the Montana  Board of Outfitters,  Members of Montana Outfitters and Guides, Rocky Mountain elk foundation.